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Professional Bollington Mole Trapping

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Young's is a well-established business that offers pest control services. Young's are accredited professionals who keep the customer at the heart of their business. As well as Bollington mole trapping and control, Young's can deal with a range of pests. Young's carries full liability insurance. The latest equipment and technology is used to combat common pests.

Mole control at Young's

Full size moleThe professionals at Young's are used to dealing with moles. Bollington mole trapping is a specialist area, which requires specialist knowledge of the moles living conditions. Many people will be familiar with the destruction and hassle that moles can cause. A massive amount of damage can be done in a short time, including damage to lawns, flower beds and even properties. Moles can also spread disease, and so eradicating them is important.

Moles are known for the tunnels that they dig and live in underground. They feed on earthworms as well as other small insects. Moles have poor eyesight, as well as hearing, and find their prey by feeling for it. Many people say how quickly they seem to arrive and cause chaos. Moles can actually build their tunnels at a rate of 4 metres per hour. The efficient eradication of moles is not easy, especially if you try to do it yourself, which isn't a good idea. Do it yourself mole management can be a long, drawn-out process and very often achieve poor results. It really is better to call the experts.

A garden with nutrient-rich soil is beautiful to moles. You are likely to have this soil if you have lots of nice and plants and maintain your garden well. Therefore, the nicer your garden, the more likely you actually are to have a problem with moles.

Bollington mole trapping and control depends on a sound knowledge of the ecosystem in which moles live. Therefore, mole control is most certainly better left to the professionals at Young's.

Mole in a molehillExcellent customer service from Young's

Young's aims for satisfaction from every customer it provides pest control services for. All customers will be given a tailor-made plan initially, and Young's will explain the process from start to finish. At Young's, we realise that every customer has their own individual needs, even when it comes to Bollington mole trapping and other pest control. Young's aims to be the best in the industry.