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Professional Bollington Mice Control

House mouse, Mus domesticusMice infestation is a troubling and dangerous matter for businesses and homes. There are three main types of pest mice:
-House Mouse (Mus Domesticus)
-Field Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)
-Yellow-Necked Field Mouse (Apodemus flavicollis)

It is of significance to note that mice can rapidly reproduce and require very little in the way of nourishment to ensure their survival. (Daily, mice require approximately 3 grams of food to ensure that they are well-nourished). Consequently, mice need very little to survive and will most likely reproduce if they are not removed from the area where they are nesting.

During a mouse infestation, a mouse will leave behind minuscule, dark droppings which have an ammonia-like odour, as well as urine, along walls, inside cupboards and under sinks. In a single day, a mouse can produce up to about 80 droppings. As a result, if there is a mice infestation involving 10 mice, that is a total of 800 droppings causing a very nasty odour. This is not only unhygienic for people to be around but worrisome because mice carry many diseases.

The most concerning problem these pests pose is that they are hosts of deadly diseases, which not only harm humans but can also result in their death. The three common diseases that mice carry are:
-Lyme Disease

Mouse NestA mouse infestation can result in an immense amount of damage. A mouse can cause damage by chewing through wires, timber, pipes, and even brick. The damage that mice cause is not only expensive but extremely dangerous. For example, chewing through wiring can result in deadly house fires, resulting in the deaths of humans and destroying a home. The most horrid thing is that most insurers will not cover damage caused by pests. As a result, not using professional Bollington mice control for mouse removal can cause significant monetary damage if the problem is not addressed as soon as it arises.

Utilizing professional services that will allow for Bollington mice control and mouse removal will allow people to have peace of mind. Mouse control and mouse removal are essential in getting rid of a mice infestation. However, it is vital to determine the extent of the infestation by having the infected area thoroughly examined by trained professionals. A professional pest control service can help businesses and homes in Bollington mice control and mice removal.

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