bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Bollington Bumble Bee Control Treatments

Tree Bumble Bee Tree Bumble Bee

Young's Pest Control is experienced in all elements of domestic pest control. If you have bumble bees on your property then you should contact Young's Pest Control to discuss your requirements. We can provide effective removal of bumble bees from your property. We have a competitive pricing structure with an emphasis on delivering reliable and prompt Bollington bumble bee control services. When our technician arrives at your property in one of our discreet, unmarked vehicles they will be able to determine the best way of ending your bumble bee problem.

Rising Numbers Of Tree Bumble Bees Across the UK
In the past few years, a number of U.K.'s native bumblebee species have been in trouble. In fact, two common UK bumblebee species have become extinct in the past century. However, at the same time the tree bumblebee, or Bombus Hypnorum, has thrived. These tree bumblebees have become increasingly abundant throughout the 20th century in Europe. In 2001 the tree bumble bees made their first appearance in the UK after being found in the New Forest.

Why Tree Bumble Bees Are Often Found Close To People's Homes
Tree bumblebees favour being close to human settlements and will frequently build their nests inside of birdhouses. Left alone the tree bumblebee is generally harmless but if the nest is disturbed it may react aggressively. Tree bumblebees are capable of stinging and can do so without harming themselves. Because the tree bumblebee does not have a barbed tail which can pull out from its body. Consequently, it is able to sting multiple times.

How To Remove A Bumble Bee Nest
These stings can be very painful and if the recipient suffers from bee venom allergies it can even be fatal. Consequently, if a tree bumblebee is on your property it needs to be handled carefully. Pest control technician will be able to visit your property using proper protective gear and pest control treatments in order to safely and humanely remove the bumble bees colony from your home. Remember that you should not try to apply the DIY bumble bee removal treatment if you find a bumblebee hive in your garden or home.

Bumble Bee Bumble Bee

This can agitate the hive and cause the bees to swarm. These treatments are also often ineffective which can give you a false sense of confidence that the bumblebee infestation has ended. These DIY bumble bee nest removal treatments may also expose pets and young children to dangerous chemicals. Contact Young's pest control to have a safe and effective Bollington bumble bee control take place.

Contact The Experts In Bollington Bumble Bee Control
Young's pest control are experts in all types of pest control. We can remove your bumblebee problem and give you back to your garden this summer. All of our professionals are highly trained and experienced in Bollington bumble bee removal. Call us today and we will help you and your bumble bee problem promptly.