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Rats are among the most common pest in the UK. Rats are carriers of diseasesAston Professional Pest Control Rats such as Rat Bite Fever, Weil's Disease and Salmonellosis. They can also cause great structural damage to buildings as they chew on, destroy and urinate anything they can find, including electrical wiring. Rats live in high amounts in human cities and towns, where they're drawn to readily available food sources: garbage, pet food, spilt grain or birdseed. Rats will eat anything edible and will gulp down their food without chewing - this characteristic makes them unique from other pests that eat what they kill before it can escape!

Rats can be identified by their long, scaly tail, large ears and black fur. They are very active animals and can jump up to a metre high. They can also swim well and often live in close proximity to water sources. Rats breed rapidly and can have up to 12 litters of young a year, with each litter containing 6-8 offspring. Rats reach sexual maturity at just 2-3 months old.

As you can imagine, infestation or overpopulation can occur in no time, so it's best not to delay and contact Aston Rat Control Treatments and Removal Service.

Typically, rats live underground in burrows, although Aston Professional Pest Control Ratsthey may also build nests of shredded paper or other materials in enclosed spaces such as attics, walls or ceilings. The presence of rats is often indicated by their droppings (which look like small black grains), gnawed edges on materials, chewed food packages and a foul smell. Rats will also make a lot of noise at night when moving around and foraging for food, which is sometimes indicated by scratching sounds.

Most rat activity occurs during the dark hours of the night, with some peak times in between midnight and dawn or after mid-day and before dawn. During these peak times, you can hear loud noises coming from within your roof space or walls as rats search for water and food sources such as pet food left out, fruit trees in gardens or spilt grain from feed bags left out on farms. Once they find their way to an easy route into your home or business (under door jambs and sinkholes - under sinks, behind fridges etc.), they will be back time and time again.

Suppose you are experiencing rat problems in yourAston Professional Pest Control Rats home or business. It is beneficial to contact an Aston rat catcher near me who will be able to determine the extent of the problem and provide a suitable treatment and removal service. Rats can be difficult pests to get rid of, as they are very territorial and resistant to certain bait types. In order for rats not to get on your property, you have to take measures such as installing tight-fitting lids on garbage cans, keeping pet food indoors and sealing up any holes or cracks in the building's exterior where they could enter.

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Rats are challenging to deal with as they breed quickly and live in huge numbers as pests. Rats will eat almost anything, including human food and garbage, but they like cereal grains like corn and oats best. They also need water every day and can squeeze through very small openings; a gap of just 1/4 inch is enough for a rat! Once you have rats inside your home or business, it's easy for them to cause damage that might not be visible until months later. For example, rats often chew on electrical wires that could expose them to dangerous currents and result in fire hazards at your property. The droppings from animals can also create health risks, as they can contain bacteria and parasites that can spread diseases. To avoid this, reach out to your nearest Aston rat exterminator.

Aston Professional Pest Control RatsRats are a common pest in urban areas, where they thrive on the many available food sources. They are omnivorous animals and will eat anything from fresh fruits and vegetables to meat, pet food or even dirty diapers! Rats need water every day and can live in close proximity to water sources like rivers, lakes or ponds. They also swim well and often build their nests near water.

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