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Alsager Ant Infestation Removal Services

Ants Are Unsafe

Do you have an ant infestation or a flying ant infestation? Call Young's Pest Control, and we will take care of it, and you, our valued customer.

Formicidae, otherwise known as ants, are classified in the animal kingdom as 'family'. This is because they have a well-developed system of living, working, and reproducing, with each having a firm place in some part of that process. The breakdown of their structure is as follows.

Black antQueen
The main job is to reproduce with select male ants.

Usually female or sterile males, the drone will do most of the work for the queen in building and keeping the colony fed while she mates with the fertile males.

This is what a male is fertile and is called. Their job is considered necessary because, without mating, the colony will not survive.

Interesting Things About Ants

Ants can be known for something called "stereo" smell, which means they can navigate using their sense of smell in a way no other animal can do. As they work, they will carry bits of food nearly as large as themselves without much difficulty, one piece at a time from the source of the food right back to the colony, down through the tunnels to where the food is stored, and then back to the food source. They appear to be tireless, which is one trait many people have admired about ants. Unfortunately, there are too many unsafe traits to keep ant infestation in the house, and trying store-bought pesticides like the common ant powders can be hazardous to pets and children. Instead, contact Young's Pest Control for Alsager ant infestation removal treatment.

Reasons to be Rid of Your Flying Ant Infestation

AntsPharoah's ants are common and called flying ants because they have wings. But, unfortunately, these ants don't fly but crawl around in and consume very nasty and dirty things.

Some of their food choices would be:

-Soiled bandage dressings
-Excrement from pets or people
-Human waste in and around washrooms
-IV fluids

This is how they pick up diseases and can transmit them to people. Some things which you can get from Pharoah's ants include a dozen types of bacteria, salmonella, pseudomonas, clostridium, staphylococcus and Streptococcus pyogenes. These diseases can be very hazardous in patients, particularly the elderly or immune system compromised.

Alsager ant infestation removal is always recommended for an ant infestation in the house. Practically speaking, ant control treatment involves ant removal for your ant infestation - we are the best at what we do. Call Young's Pest Control today.