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Professional Alderley Edge Woodworm Treatment

If you suspect your home may have a woodworm infestation, it’s important to call pest control to locate and apply Alderley Edge woodworm treatment. Infestations will weaken timber structure and spread throughout the home, causing damage to furniture, cupboards and floorboards.

Our professional Young’s Pest Control exterminators will assess any infestations and combat them with Alderley Edge woodworm removal treatment spray, which will kill any wood-boring beetles and protect against further infestation. This quality Alderley Edge woodworm treatment furniture service will be completed efficiently and at competitive prices.

How the beetle infests a piece of timber

Woodworm larvaeThe beetle’s larvae do the most damage by boring through wood and creating hollow galleries. The process starts when an adult beetle lands on a suitable timber and lays its eggs in crevices. These eggs eventually hatch wood-boring larvae that tunnel in to the timber and start eating away at the wood. The wood they consume provides them with the water and food they need for development, and this stage of the beetle’s life cycle can take between 1 and 10 years to complete, depending on the species and circumstances.

Eventually, the larva will tunnel to the surface to pupate and transform into an adult. Finally, the adult beetle will exit through holes created in the wood, usually between May and October, which is when they mate and produce more eggs to continue the cycle.

How an infestation spreads through the home

Because an adult wood-boring beetle can fly, any adjacent wood above or below infested timber is susceptible to becoming infected. Wood is a widely-used material in the construction of houses and, therefore, an infestation can spread out and affect a range of household wooden items. For example, when floorboards become infested, the joists underneath and the floorboards in adjacent rooms can be damaged beyond repair.

Infested supporting timber can pose a danger because it can be straightforward to put your foot through and break weakened floorboards and support beams. Therefore, an infestation should be stopped with Alderley Edge woodworm treatment spray and thoroughly assessed by our experts at Young’s Pest Control to minimise the damage caused and the cost you would inevitably have to incur.

How to locate a woodworm infestation

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting• Beetles can fly and will often be attracted towards windows before dying and collecting on the windowsills below. This is, therefore, the first place to look for infestation.
• From windowsills, the next place to inspect is on floorboards below them. An infested floorboard will have “exit holes” in it, made by the adult flies emerging from them during spring and summer.

These signs will confirm an active or inactive infestation that should be looked at further by a professional. Our Alderley Edge woodworm treatment experts at Young’s Pest Control will be able to determine whether an infestation is active or not and apply the correct treatment for woodworm removal as well as inspecting the extent of any damage.