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Professional Alderley Edge Honey Bee Nest Removal

Professional Alderley Edge honey bee nest removal is essential if you suspect these insects have nested in or around your property. Nests can cause damage to your property, and there is a risk of honey bee swarms which can be alarming and dangerous too. Please call us today if you suspect that you need assistance with honey bee control.

Honey Bee swarm in treeYou will likely be able to tell if you have a honey bee control issue by the number of bees in or around your property. If they have nested near you, you will notice an increased number of the bees and may spot them entering or leaving from a particular location in your residence. Do not be tempted to approach the location where you believe the nest to be yourself, as, despite their docile and harmless image, honey bees do have a sting and will use it if they feel threatened. Instead, call us to carry out Alderley Edge honey bee nest removal and remove the problem.

Honey bee swarms occur when the queen bee leaves an old hive, which may be situated on your property and takes with her the worker population to form a new colony. Swarms can contain thousands to tens of thousands of honey bees. They will form a cluster in one location, waiting until they are organized enough to begin their search for a new home. This means they might be staying around your property for some time, becoming more and more hostile to disturbances. We can carry out honey bee swarm removal, ensuring that the bees are placed somewhere safer.

Honey Bee HiveOnce we have carried out honey bee swarm removal, it is also necessary to check for and, if necessary, perform Alderley Edge honey bee nest removal. When they leave their nest, honey bees will leave behind traces of honey that they have made. This can lead to problems such as dampness on your property, but also, the sugars in any honey left behind will be attractive to other, perhaps more dangerous types of bees or wasps. Leftover honey could also act as a food source for other mites or pests. To protect your property from damage and further infestation, therefore, Alderley Edge honey bee hive removal must be carried out as soon as possible.