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Professional Alderley Edge Flea Treatment

FleaA flea infestation in your home or workplace is a severe issue that many people don’t know how to tackle. Most DIY flea treatment methods are seemingly effective but turn out to be a complete waste of time and money when the pests begin to reappear. A typical example is when people use a flea treatment on their pets but fail to consider the flea’s resilient nature that allows it to spread throughout various areas of the home and garden.

At Young’s Pest Control, we would like you to understand how vital professional Alderley Edge flea treatment and other specialised treatments are for you. We will take you through the nature and life-cycle of the flea itself quickly;

The Four-Stage Life-Cycle of a Flea

• Egg: This is where it all begins – the female will lay about twenty to thirty tiny white oval-shaped eggs a day, either on the host or in a warm, damp and dark area like on bedding, under furniture and carpeting or in tiny cracks and crevices or sand. This makes it very difficult for any DIY flea removal treatment to work.
• Larva: Larva looks like tiny white worms and has small bristles along with their bodies as well as a mouth-part that it will use to feed on faeces, skin, dead insects or any other available organic matter. They moult twice before entering the pupa stage.
• Pupa: During this stage, the larva pupate and weave a cocoon where the adult flea will become ready to hatch within one to two weeks. They will, however, lay in wait for signs such as vibrations, heat or an increase in carbon dioxide that indicates a host is nearby. Unfortunately, this cocoon is highly resilient, and most DIY flea removal treatments are not strong enough to penetrate it, meaning that just as you thought you'd eradicated the pest, they reappear.
• Adult: This is the final stage of the life-cycle where the flea’s survival depends on its ability to find a source of blood. If they do not see a host within a week after they have emerged, they will die; however, they can live up to 100 days with an adequate food supply.

We Can Eliminate Fleas For You

Cat and dog fleasFleas are resilient creatures that have evolved into masters of survival and breeding. Their bodies are designed to quickly move through animal hair or under human clothing with laterally compressed bodies and tiny hairs that point backwards. They are wingless, blind and always avoid light, preferring to hide in warm, damp and dark places. These resilient pests are capable of jumping 18-cm up and 33-cm horizontally by using their strong back legs.

Their bodies can withstand tremendous pressure, making it almost impossible for animals and humans to kill by scratching or mashing. This scratching and mashing can cause hair loss and irritation and even lead to infection in animals and humans.

Why You Need a Professional

As mentioned in the above stages, the flea is a highly evolved creature and most DIY flea control measures are not solid or thorough enough to ensure their complete eradication. In addition, many DIY flea fumigation products available on the market are too weak to tackle a flea infestation. That’s why the specialists here at Young’s Pest Control highly recommend a professional be called to fully evaluate, treat the infestation as well as assist you in implementing critical preventative measures. We will identify and treat the source of the flea infestation and ensure that adequate Alderley Edge flea treatment measures are put into place.