Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Alderley Edge Bumble Bee Control Services

When bumblebees make themselves at home in the attic, shed, vent or garden, Young's Pest Control is available 24 hours a day to help. Their Alderley Edge bumble bee control services make nest removal simple and easy with emergency service options and competitive prices. So don't risk a sting or other injury - call the experts at Young's and watch the Alderley Edge bumble bee removal proceed from safety, knowing it is being done correctly and safely.

Tree Bumble Bees

Tree Bumble Bee

The recent increase in calls about bumblebees is mainly attributable toTree Bumble Bee the introduction of tree bumblebees from Europe. This species nests not only in trees but also in nooks and crevices around buildings, making them more likely to cause a problem. Tree bumblebees are more aggressive than many other species and more defensive of their nests - if the nest is inside or nearby, this makes the risk of a sting very high. They can also make a nuisance of themselves by causing noise that can be heard inside the building, becoming a fire hazard or damaging the structure and even by taking over the bird box in the garden.

Alderley Edge Bumble Bee Nest Removal

Removing or destroying the nest, including the queen, is the only sure method of Alderley Edge bumble bee control. Regardless of species, this can be done using insecticide means or by simply relocating the nest, but the specific techniques may vary from species to species.   Even to apply a insecticide spray, handling bees should only be done by people with experience or training and the appropriate personal protective equipment. Bumblebee stings are painful, and for some people, can be the trigger of a life-threatening allergic reaction, so proper safety procedures and protective clothing are essential. Pest control experts have access to better, more effective pesticides over the shelf because they have received special insecticide training and certification. They are also more prepared than the average person to assess the situation and determine which insecticide treatment is best if indeed one is needed.

Tree Bumble BeeLeaving the job of Alderley Edge bumble bee control up to the experienced professionals, the Young's Pest Control staff also saves time and stress. Instead of waiting for an excellent time to attempt to tackle the problem, doing research, running back and for to the shops for insecticide products and climbing around to reach the nest, simply picking up the phone is easy.