6 Reasons You Need Professionals to Get Rid of Squirrels

Have you recently found that you have squirrels living in your attic?

Maybe you realized it when you heard strange sounds or the little pitter-patter of their feet above your head. Or perhaps you noticed them coming in and out of your roof.

Whatever the case, if you discover that you have squirrels living under the same roof as you, you’re going to spend much time trying to figure out how to get rid of squirrels.

Squirrels are cute and furry little animals. But that doesn’t mean you want to share your home with them.

Read on for six reasons you don’t want squirrels living in your attic and explanations you’ll need to hire professionals to get rid of them.

  1. Squirrels Are Unsanitary

Again, while squirrels seem like cute little fuzzy animals, they’re rodents. That’s right — there in the same family as rats.

Because of this, they’re very unsanitary. As a result, they often carry diseases. If you ever get bit by a squirrel, you are in danger of contracting rabies.

It’s incredibly unsanitary for squirrels to be living in your house. They will carry in faeces, insects, diseases, and all kinds of unsavoury things.

You probably won’t know the extent of where the squirrels have been living, but you’re going to want to make sure that all of it gets cleaned.

Because of this, you are hiring a professional to take care of the squirrel problem is your best bet for restoring your sanity and returning your house to a clean and sanitary home.

  1. Squirrels Are Unsafe

Squirrels may seem like harmless and friendly little creatures. But, unfortunately, this is not the case.

They are very unsafe. They are unpredictable and can bite and scratch you if you come near them.

This is especially dangerous for young children and the elderly. Getting near a rabid squirrel could be potentially life-threatening.

It’s not safe to be living under the same roof with creepy little rodents. They can attract other wild animals in, and if they start coming into your house, you’re going to feel very uncomfortable with the whole setup.

  1. Squirrels Can Destroy Property

Again, squirrels may seem harmless, but they can make quite a mess.

Finding that they’ve chewed on the wood of your house or made their nests up in your rafters is going to be a very disappointing experience. But, unfortunately, these little guys can do a whole lot more damage than you’d think.

They’ll usually drag in scraps and materials from outside to make their nests, but they also may find items in your house that appeal to them as they burrow in.

Drywall, wood, anything fluffy…none of them are off-limits when it comes to a squirrel on the hunt for nesting items.

They’ll get hungry and may come looking for food. However, they’re also going to convert your attic into the ideal woodland living area, too, if you’re not careful.

Property destruction due to squirrels can be devastating. Don’t let it happen to you any more than it already has.

  1. Your House Will Smell

Squirrels don’t live forever. And when they do pass on, guess where they’re going to do it? Wherever they’re living. Including in your attic.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s one you have to face. If you don’t solve your squirrel problem urgently, you may have the sad experience of having one die in your rafters.

You will smell the squirrel as its body is rotting and decaying, and you’re not going to be happy about it.

Ideally, a professional will help you get rid of squirrels in a way you feel is proper and humane. This could be relocating them out in the wild.

Whatever you do, you don’t want them to live out their lives in the crevices of your ceilings.

  1. Chewed Wires

This is another reason that you need to get rid of squirrels as quickly as possible. They can chew through wiring and pipes in your house.

Did your TV suddenly get staticky? Is your power not working the same way it used to?

This may surprise you, but the cause could be the squirrels. They’re known for chewing on necessary wiring that may be hidden behind walls and in the recesses of your house.

If they find necessary cables and wires in their living place, don’t be surprised when they start to claim it as their own.

This is not only unsafe due to the exposed live wires they’re creating, but it can also lead to malfunctioning or even destruction of your electric appliances and cables.

  1. Droppings

Last but certainly not least, squirrels will leave droppings behind. This is both gross and unsightly, but it’s part of their natural life cycle.

In the same place the squirrels choose to nest, mate, sleep, and raise their young, they’re also going to take time to eat. And poop.

This will be left around in piles inside your house, which is quite unpleasant to think about.

Plus, it’s dirty and unsafe, especially if you have children or small pets in the house. No one wants to discover piles of squirrel droppings dotting the corners of their home.

Instead of putting up with it, why don’t you contact a professional who can get rid of squirrels quickly and efficiently?

Need Some Help to Get Rid of Squirrels?

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