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rat in kitchen Signs of a Rat Infestation

Rats are notorious disease rode and destructive pests that also contaminate food and surfaces. As they are naturally nocturnal, it can be challenging to realise a rat problem exists. You're much more likely to spot the evidence of a rat rather than see one running around. The most common species within the United Kingdom are brown and black rats.

Signs of a Rodent

There are sure signs that, unfortunately, could indicate a rat infestation. If you suspect a rat in and around your property, it's best to seek out efficient pest control to eliminate an infestation in its tracks. There are several telltale signs such as hearing scratching noises and more physical evidence in the form of rat droppings and tracks, rubs and marks left by the creature.

Rat Droppings

The excrement of rats is possibly the most noticeable sign that a problem exists. Rat droppings are tapered in appearance and approximately 1cm in length. Every rat can produce around forty droppings per night when active and are contained within localised areas. It's the droppings and urine that carries a lot of diseases and can contaminate food and surfaces. 

Scratching Noises

Another common sign of rats within a home is hearing scratching noises, especially at night. Depending on where you hear the scratching, it can also potentially indicate the species. 

Black rats are great climbers due to being extremely agile. They are more likely to make noises in attics and within the upper floors of a building. 

As brown rats are less agile than their cousins, the black rats are more likely to be found on lower levels scurrying under floors and sheds. Chattering and grinding noises are familiar sounds made by the rat's teeth, also called bruxing.

Rat Tracks and Footprints

Tracks can also be a visible sign of rodent activity, especially in less used areas that are a little dusty. As a rat makes its way through, it can leave little footprints and other marks caused by its tails.

Rub Marks

Rats have incredibly terrible eyesight. Therefore, they often make use of the same established routes, usually along walls and skirting boards. It's in these locations where dirt and marks can be transferred onto objects from the grease and dirt contained on a rat's body. While this can indicate a rat presence, it must be remembered that these stains can remain over long periods and could also indicate a previous infestation. Only calling out an expert can determine if rats currently occupy an area.


If you think you could be suffering from a rat problem, there might be a burrow located close to your premises. Usually, holes are found near sheds, garages and decking, and secluded areas within a garden. 

Free Your Home

Rats are an extremely dirty and worrying pest to have within your premises. Taking quick action to tackle the problem is the best solution and can free your home from the potential issues a rat infestation can bring. Contact our rat eradication team today, and rest easy knowing our professional pest control will deal with your problem efficiently.