The Wood Mouse - Apodemus sylvaticus

Often referred to as the Field Mouse, as the name(s) suggests, this small mammal is found mainly in woodland areas and fields, but like all pests, they can venture into our homes looking for food and shelter, and you may need professional pest control to help remove them.

About the Wood Mouse

They are small at 8-10cm, roughly the same size as a House Mouse but distinguishable by their more giant tails, hind feet and ears. The Wood Mouse is sandy, primarily brown, with a white-grey underside.

The wood mouse is one of the mowidespreadmon wild rodents in the UK and can generally be found in woodlands and fields throughout the UK.

They live in underground burrows, which can survive many generations, and as they are primarily nocturnal, they are rarely seen in daylight. However, a typical adult will not survive from one summer to the next.

The survival of the Wood Mouse species is crucial to other species of our wildlife, such as owls, who see them as the primary food source. In addition, they are thought to be beneficial to gardens by eating certain insects and the way they store their food, mainly seeds and such, which may later sprout if forgotten about.