Harvest Mouse

The Harvest Mouse gets its name from its preferred habitat and its diet. They like to dwell in tall grass or crops, and they are known to take grain from cereal heads but rarely cause any noticeable damage to crops. They also eat berries, insects and seeds, choosing moss and roots if necessary.

It is the smallest of our rodents of around 5-7cm and weighs 6 grams. It has a rusty orange coat, the underside white. Their ears are considered small for a rodent, as is their tail which is prehensile. They have small eyes and a blunt nose.

Habitat and Lifespan

Found mainly in England with few recorded incidences in Scotland and Wales.

They make their spherical nests of woven grasses well above ground level, preferring areas of dense vegetation. Harvest mice reproduce two to three times yearly, with an average litter of six young. A new nest is built for each litter and is well used before the family abandons it.

The harvest mouse has a short lifespan of around six months, with the longest recorded being eighteen months. Therefore, most adults do not survive the winter.