American mink - Neovison vison

Pest Control of the American Mink


A relatively recent addition to British fauna, the American Mink's ( Mustela vison ) widely carnivorous appetite necessitates mink removal in those regions where they become overabundant. It has required mink trapping efforts in Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, Cheshire, and several other areas.
 The American Mink is a member of the weasel family, and its prey can include almost any fish, mammal or bird, even those larger than itself. They typically weigh between 600g and 1kg, and a full-grown adult measures between 50 and 60 cm in length. They usually have silvery grey to near black fur, often marked by a white patch underneath the chin. Mink control can be difficult, as the animals are robust and agile. These adaptations allow them to overpower their food with sharp teeth and powerful jaws.
 To prevent the loss of domesticated animals, such as chickens and ducks, mink trapping has become a growing industry. If left unprotected, fish hatcheries can be decimated by the carnivores. In the Liverpool and Cheshire areas, mink removal has become a necessity near the riverfront. That doesn't exclude Warrington, Manchester or any other region, however, from these damaging pests.
 Fortunately, mink control is a relatively simple process. With appropriately placed traps, the immigrated Mustela vison can be prevented from harming local wildlife and businesses while offering financial benefits from the fur industry.