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What is A Carnivore?

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Animals can be divided into groups based on the kind of food they eat. For example, a carnivore is an animal that kills and eats other animals as a food source. Animals like this can be helpful and harmful to the environment. 

Usually, carnivores eat herbivores (plant-eating animals). However, they may also eat omnivores (animals that consume both plant and animal life) and other carnivores. Creatures that eat other animals (carnivores and omnivores) are vital to any ecosystem because they control the populations of other animals. By eating other animals, they keep population growth in check and weed out weaker animals. The loss of a specific type of predator may increase to unwanted pests like mice or other rodents. 

Hunting and killing other animals requires a lot of calories so the predator can maintain its stamina and strength. Unfortunately, this means predators need to eat a large number of animals during the year. This may become hazardous if the carnivore makes its way into an area populated by humans. 

Carnivores pose a threat to pets, property, and people. If you have a predator in your area, contact a professional who can safely and humanely remove the animal.