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 What Is A Mammal?

What is a mammal? It’s one of those questions that makes you feel silly if you don’t know the answer. The most straightforward solution is a vertebrate animal (possessing a backbone), that if female, has mammary glands to feed milk to its young.

They are the animals that we tend to feel an affinity for dogs, cats, horses, even elephants. Maybe this is because we, as humans, are mammals too. Unfortunately, however, the mammal can become a pest. For example, if you hear strange noises in your loft or attic, squirrels or mice could be a common mammal pest. These can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage by chewing through electrical cables. This damage to your electrical wiring can cause fire or electrocution. Also, the droppings of these rodent mammals can encourage disease-carrying insects to breed in your loft.

This is the time to bring in our expert technicians. It is essential to take action quickly to avoid an infestation. Trying to tackle the problem yourself could cause delay and drive the pest deeper into your home.

Our experienced experts will be able to employ the latest methods to not only remove the offending post but also prevent re-entry without harm to yourself or your home. Trapping a squirrel, for example, is not a job for the amateur. They can scratch and bite if cornered. Also, UK legislation needs to be followed about trapping and releasing squirrels to keep you on the right side of the law.

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