Tapestry Moth

The tapestry moth – often referred to as the carpet moth – can be found worldwide, and as the name suggests they like to feed on tapestry or carpets, among other things. Their real preference is for animal-based products such as animal skin, fur, and bird nests.

Why are they a pest?

The tapestry moth is very destructive species, not just due to their eating of the fabrics but also as they create web-like silk pockets or burrows within them.

The tapestry moth is not as common in the UK as they used to be, perhaps due to our increased use of man-made products and our homes now being too hot and dry for them with the prevalence of central heating.

They have distinctive colouring – of creamy white and dark brown, almost in a half and half pattern. It is 1.5 to 2cm in length and is typically seen mostly in the evenings from May or June to September, depending on the climate.