Common Clothes Moth

Common Clothes Moth

The common clothes moth is a highly destructive species that, as the name would suggest, have a liking for our clothing. They tend to start with hidden areas such as under cuffs and collars and typically in dark areas. They have a preference for clothes or fibres that have been worn or are in some way dirty, containing human detritus such as sweat.

They also like rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture, again preferring those with traces of dirt.   It is thought the dirt particles may be essential for the development of the larvae, who require moisture.

These moths are not those of typical stories – they do not fly toward light sources as they prefer dark places like cupboards or storage boxes. If they find themselves in a well lit room they will scurry for cover, under furniture or rugs, or between skirting boards.

Difficult to control

The difficulty in controlling the common clothes moth comes with first locating it – they do have many preferred locations which are typically dark!