Brown House Moth

The Brown House Moth is known as a ‘textile pest’ due to the damage it can wreak to your household goods – and not only textiles.

The Brown House Moth is the most common clothes moth but it is actually the larvae (or caterpillar) that cause the damage. The larvae feed on textiles, preferably animal textiles such as leather, wool and feathers and can cause considerable damage to your beloved items. They are known as scavengers and also feed on scraps like fluff or crumbs that accumulate around the home – behind skirting boards for example.

brown house mothThe Brown House Moth actually has golden bronze wings with black markings and generally keeps these folded over their back – they prefer to run than fly. They are relatively small at only 8-14mm long with their wingspan between 16-26mm.

They are very common all over the UK.