German Cockroach

Around 1.5cm in length, it is a small cockroach that has wings but cannot fly well, if at all.

It is considered one of the most troublesome cockroaches in the UK as it is particularly associated with infesting restaurants and food establishments. They need to be near human habitation in our country as they cannot cope in our colder climate otherwise.

Contrary to its name, the German cockroach is not thought to have originated in Germany or Europe but from Southeast Asia.

The German cockroach is naturally nocturnal but can be seen in the light if they have been disturbed, such as in the kitchen when scavenging.   They are known to emit an unpleasant odour if frightened or excited.

Their diet consists of sugars, starchy foods and meats, but in food shortage, they will consume household goods such as soap or toothpaste! In particularly lean times, they can become cannibalistic and chew on each other's legs or wings.

One of the main reasons that this insect is such a pest is its rate of reproduction. They can grow from egg to mature, reproductive adult in as little as 60 days. Each cockroach can have 32 young each time. Thankfully they only live a relatively short 6 to 9 months.

This cockroach, without doubt, needs sustained professional pest control.