Woodworm is, in fact, the larvae of the furniture beetle and other beetle species. They are the destructive element to this beetle as the boring they do is in order for them to pupate and hatch into the actual beetle.

They cause untold damage to wooden structures and furniture and prefer woods with a higher moisture level and are typically found in properties with a damp problem.

Signs of woodworm include:


Woodworm Damage

> Tiny holes in wooden furniture or structures,

> Little piles of powder (their faeces) in or around the holes and

> Later the actual beetles themselves may be seen.

> Weak or crumbling wood may be a sign if there has been a serious infestation – putting a foot through a floorboard will most likely indicate some kind of pest issue.

To eradicate woodworm takes a professional pest controller who has the relevant insecticides required, but it is also worth investing in finding the cause of any damp or this pest will likely return time and time again.

Infested furniture that is moved from one property to another will in most likely take the infestation with them – so be careful when buying second-hand furniture that may have the signs of woodworm.