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Biting Insects


Insect bites are common and usually only cause minor irritation. Some bites, however, can be painful and can lead to severe allergic reactions such as crops of small bumps and weals, which may become seriously infected as a result of excessive rubbing and excoriation. This article mainly describes several common insect bites and explains why pest control is highly recommended for insect problems.

What are insect bites? 

Insect bites leave puncture wounds in and on the skin. Insect bites occur when insects want to feed, defend themselves through their natural defence mechanisms or when they become agitated. Their bites can trigger some following common symptoms:

• skin irritation
• swelling or inflammation
• a bump (blister) around the bite mark.


Bedbugs are small, flat, oval-shaped, wingless insects with a reddish-brown colour and feed on blood from humans or animals. They sneak in the cracks and crevices of beds, bed frames and other objects around a mattress to bite their victims at night. Bed bug bites are commonly found on uncovered areas, including the face, neck, arms, and hands but may occur anywhere on the body. Their biting, believed not to spread disease, typically causes a large, reddened and itchy weal. In addition, sensitive individuals may develop allergic reactions to their bites, resulting in engorged bite marks, painful swelling and burning at the bite area.


There are many species, but primarily cat and dog fleas, which cause most problems in the UK. They are tiny, dark-brown, wingless bugs breed rapidly, especially if pets are in the house. Flea bites, usually in groups of three or four, can be spotted on the ankles, armpits, around the waist or in the folds of elbows and knees. Despite their low risk of transmitting diseases, their bites are itchy and sometimes painful. They may form a red skin rash or swelling around the bite area. When being pressed on, the rash turns white and may spread over time.

Bird mites 

Bird mites are highly mobile, small, oval-shaped insects with eight legs and short hairs on their bodies whose colour is semi-transparent and becomes reddish to blackish after they feed on blood. They are naturally found where birds and their nests are located. To look for blood, they may enter living spaces in houses, walls, ceilings and bedding. Their bites do not transmit infectious diseases but may cause severe irritation such as itching, swelling and reddish spots on the skin.

Why is pest control important for biting insects? 

Various types of insects can live on pets, furniture, etc., causing recurring bites that may affect public health and economic issues. Due to their small size and rapid reproduction, eradicating them is complex, and their infestation may be lengthened if there is no professional treatment. Fleas, for instance, can only be eliminated with a pesticide treatment. Therefore, unless you have limitless time and patience, it is necessary to hire pest control professionals who know exactly where to find these insects and how to get rid of them effectively.