Bloody-Nosed Leaf Beetle

The bloody-nosed leaf beetle can also be known as a ‘blood spewer beetle’ or ‘blood spewing beetle’, explained below. They belong to the family Chrysomelidae.

bloody-nosed leaf beetleThe bloody-nosed leaf beetle is a harmless, flightless beetle. Generally measuring about 2cm long and 1cm wide, they are considered significant. They are purplish, blueish or metallic black and their body is unusually smooth.

The bloody-nosed leaf beetle spends most of its time on the ground since it cannot fly, preferring grass, forest areas and herbaceous plants.

Their defence mechanism is similar to that of ladybirds, which is to drop bright reddish-orange fluid from their mouths, which is foul-tasting and irritating to predators – this is where they get their name from.

They are most commonly seen during spring and summer in Britain, and eggs are laid in spring which pupa over the winter.