Masonry Bee

Mason BeeMasonry bees (sometimes called Mason Bees), as the name may suggest, like to make their nests in our brickwork or masonry but also because they themselves make their nests using mud to form the structure. They can, in fact, make these nests in many different locations – not just brickwork! They like a sunny, south facing location, preferably high up. They can cause damage to old buildings and as such are given a question and answer page by SPAB – The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.

Masonry bees are solitary bees so are not often found in large numbers. These bees will often return year on year to the same spot to make their nest so it can be difficult to tell if you have got rid of the bee or if they have moved at hibernation time.

These bees can appear to have a yellow underside but this is temporary and due to them collecting their nectar on their tummies and then depositing it all back in the nest.   They do not have pollen sacks on their legs.

They can sting but tend to not do so unless squeezed my fingers!