Common Carder Bee

common carder beeThe common carder bee is actually a species of bumblebee (of which there are 24 species of in the UK alone). This bee has a more ‘ginger’ appearance than the regular bumblebee as it is typically grey and reddish-brown in colour.

This is the longest seen species of bumblebee in the UK, first appearing in Spring and living until October. All of the bees in the colony will die off each year apart from the new queens who will hibernate until the following year.

Their nests are small, around 200 bees, and tend to be made on, or just under, ground level in old mouse holes or just in thick vegetation. Whilst the common carder bee species is not currently at risk their nests are in danger from mowing and ploughing due to their preferred nesting locations.

Like most bumblebees, they are not a problem until they have chosen in or around your home to nest and then the sheer number of buzzing insects can be daunting to anyone near-by and they can become territorial when protecting the queen and their nest.