Argentine Ant

The Argentine Ant is renowned for forming large colonies, and they do not fight within the territory or compete with each other or other ant species. This is why they are such a successful species. There is a ‘supercolony’ of Argentine ants in the USA thought to contain trillions of ants!

At around 4mm in length, the queen is more giant at up to 6.4mm. However, this is still one of the smallest ant species.   They vary in colour from dark to light brown.

Argentine Ants are difficult to control as spraying around your property only deals with adult ants. There will be many in the other stages of formation – egg, larval and pupal – within the colony, resulting in more and more ants. An Argentine ant colony can, unusually, have several fertile queens at any given time.   If the current settlement becomes overcrowded, one or more queens will set up a new colony nearby, which interconnects with the original one.

These ants eat almost anything, but their preference is for sweet food.

They are most commonly seen in foraging trails, and this is a fair indication that there is an infestation nearby. However, they nest almost anywhere, from cracks and crevices to under logs or at the base of trees.

If you think you have a problem with ants, get in touch with us as soon as you can so that we can identify them and deal with the problem for you before it spreads.