Common Pests

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Common Pests

Discovering pests such as mice, bedbugs, woodworm or cockroaches in your home can be extremely distressing. Indeed, your first thought in this situation might be to run out of the house, to the nearest DIY store to pick up some products to help you get rid of them. The best thing to do, however, is to stop, calm down and call the professionals. They know exactly what they are dealing with, know all the health and safety precautions to take and have better, stronger products that can eliminate the pest quickly and efficiently. Read on to discover ten of the most common pests found in UK households and discover why it is always best to seek professional advice when they are present in your home.


Mice like to build their nests in warm places, such as your loft or cavity walls. They can be an extreme nuisance as they can damage furniture with their constant gnawing and seeking food. It is essential that you seek professional advice when you have an infestation because these rodents are known to spread diseases such as leptospirosis or salmonellosis. Professional pest control services can ensure the nuisance is eradicated immediately, ensuring your household is safe from the spread of disease.


These insects like the warmth and will nest in either your kitchen or wall cavities. They seek food at night and are known to be carriers of diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and gastroenteritis. Many humans are also allergic to cockroach faeces, so contacting our professional pest control is essential for your family’s health.


You might not spot an actual rat in your home but signs that you have an infestation include the presence of droppings or smear marks in your home or even teeth marks on electrical cables. Rats not only pose a fire hazard, with their penchant for electrical cables but they also carry diseases.


Moths can be extremely destructive in the home, destroying carpets and upholstery as their larvae eat their way through your furnishings. You also might find sticky white eggs on your clothing. To protect your furnishings, contact our professional pest control services.


Wasps often nest in lofts or cavities or in trees or bushes outside your home. Professional pest control services are essential if you suspect you might have a nest on your property as there can be over 25,000 wasps present in each nest, all becoming defensive with the potential to sting if the nest is disturbed.


Flies are well known as being the main cause of food poisoning as well as being carriers of other diseases. DIY products often aren’t strong enough to fully rid homes of a fly infestation, so contact our professional pest control service to discuss how we can eradicate your infestation as quickly as possible.


Bedbugs can spread very quickly, making them very difficult to control. They can be found, not only in your bed but in cracks and crevices around the home. These creatures feed on human blood so it is essential that you contact our professional pest control team if you suspect an infestation, as soon as possible.


Ants are often a nuisance in the summer months when they like to make their way into homes on their search for food. There are many products in the market which claim to stop ants, but they rarely do the job. To quickly and efficiently rid your home of these pests you need our professional pest control team.


Spiders are often feared but are relatively harmless. If, however, the thought of spiders in your home is too terrifying to bear, call our pest control team.


Woodworm is a term used for many different beetles who like to bore wood. They often lay eggs inside cracks in wood within properties, infesting any type of wooden object. They can cause serious damage to floorboards, soffits, wooden beams and furniture so it is essential that you call our pest control team immediately if you suspect that you have an infestation.