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Bird Control

Birds can become a natural hazard to your business or your private property. It is not just the mess they make through excretion. It is the building of nests within properties/businesses and dislodging of roof tiles. Nests can become hazardous because they can block guttering and prevent water from travelling down the drainpipe.

Seagulls and pigeons can also cause other problems:

- Seagulls and pigeons can be vehicles of diseases such as E.coli, Ornithosis and Salmonella. 
- They can mess buildings with constant excretion and can also make walkways and entranceways slippery and inaccessible
- Tend to attack nearby customers or property owners
- Encourage further infestations such as insect infestations and bird mites.

Seagulls and pigeons congregate in large groups because they often find safety in numbers against common domestic and wild predators. However, when they do group, they can be more of a pest. They have been known to attack public members to protect their young and seek solace in enclosed spaces. Therefore, if you have a problem, you need to contact Young's Pest Control professionals. 

Herring gullExpert Seagull Control and Pigeon Control

Here at Young's Pest Control, our team understand how to efficiently and effectively remove bird pests from commercial and private properties. Our professional approach to these problems means that bird control methods are often discreet and easily implemented so your business or personal property will not be affected. 

Getting in Contact and Remedying Bird Control Problems

If you suspect a seagull or pigeon problem, then you should not hesitate to contact us. When you call us, our experts will discuss the extent of the problem and then arrange a time suitable for you to come to your property. We will professionally assess the size of the problem and then decide on the best course of action to take. We always discuss the options with our customers in detail to determine what is best for them. We deliver a first-class service and rely on our customers to positively advertise our business by word-of-mouth.

After the agreed seagull control or pigeon control has been undertaken, we will offer advice to prevent future problems and quick-fix methods if you are unsure in the future.

Never try to remedy a problem yourself, leading to further unnecessary damage to your property or business. Instead, leave the pests to the experts and let us take care of them properly.