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Professional Wallasey Rat Control Services

Brown RatWe understand how disturbing it can be to find rats inside your home. Rats are not only an unpleasant pest they are also carriers of the number of harmful diseases. Eliminating rats from your property is not always easy. That's why you need Young's Pest Control. We are the experts in the pest control treatment and Wallasey rat control.

Our experienced and qualified technicians can get rid of rats no matter how many there are or where they are located. When you call Young's pest control our friendly technicians will arrive at your property in the discrete unbranded vehicle. They will then determine the exact nature of your Wallasey rat infestation and the best method for bringing it to a swift end. When you call Young's Pest Control you can be confident that your rat problem will soon be over.

What do rats look like

Rats have many of the same features as other rodents. Rats have fur which covers their body but is more sparse on the ears and tail. Rats will typically run on four legs although they are able to stand up on the two hind legs. One of the most noticeable features is there to front incisors which are larger than normal. The rat's teeth would continue to grow throughout life. In order to keep their teeth at a manageable level, they will be constantly gnawing. This can convince cause considerable damage to both the home and fittings.

The Norway rat is a is rotund while the roof rat is longer is skinnier. The Norway rat also has a shorter tail while the roof rat has a longer one. Facial features of rats can vary with some having long and pointed faces while others have a much blunter appearance.

What do rats like to eat

Rats will usually eat whatever is available. This includes anything from vegetables and fruit through to carcasses of other animals. The brown rat prefers meats and so is often attracted to residences where rubbish have been left out. The roof rat prefers to eat fruit and can often be found in fruit trees. Often the roof rat will enter the property from fruit trees through open windows on the upper floors of the building. Rats looking for available food and water is one of the main reasons why they enter into human residences.

Dangers posed by rats

ratRats pose a number of dangers to human and pets. One of the reasons to get rid of rats promptly to prevent the spread of disease. Rats can spread a number of very harmful diseases through direct contact and their urine and droppings. As noted above rats also constantly gnaw throughout their life. This can lead to expensive damage to your properties. Rats will even gnaw through dense objects such as electrical cabling and water pipes which can be very costly to appear.

If you have noticed rats on your property don't neglect the issue. Talk to Young's pest control today to discuss how we can help you. We can schedule one of our professional Wallasey rat control specialists to visit your property and determine the best pest control treatment to end your rat infestation.