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Professional Wallasey Mole Trapping and Control

Numerous property owners in the UK are troubled by an infestation of moles. It is essential that once an infestation is detected that trained professionals are hired to solve the problem using professional methods. These trained professionals will determine the most appropriate way by which Wallasey mole trapping and control on a property.

Full size moleThe mole belongs to the family Talpa Europaea. Moles are approximately 15 to 20 cm in length. These pests have a coat of fur which tends to be a combination of grey and black. Moles reside underground within a complex system of tunnels. The diet of these pests tends to consist of earthworms and insects, which happen to already be within their system of tunnels.

There is a clear sign that indicates the presence of moles on a property. A nest of moles is, for the most part, characterised by a large molehill, which is very simply put – soil that has been dug up. These pests are able to move a large amount of ground in very little time. As a result, moles can create many molehills if they are not removed from the property as soon as possible. One way moles can prove to be a nuisance is by creating countless molehills on homeowners very neatly kept lawns.

In addition to moles creating molehills all over a property, moles can cause damage through their tunnelling abilities. The network of tunnels that are created by moles can significantly interfere with the root system of plants, which can, as a result, impede and even stop their growth. In addition, much money may be wasted when plants fail to grow as they have been expected to, so not controlling moles can lead to financial repercussions. Consequently, trained professionals are the solution to mole control and Wallasey mole trapping.

Mole in a molehillMole control and Wallasey mole trapping by professionals is vital in ensuring that the presence of moles is removed from your property once and for all. Trained professionals can determine the most appropriate method to eliminate moles from your property. Young's Pest Control has the best-trained professionals who will assess your problem and devise the most appropriate treatment plan specific to your situation. Call Young's Pest Control and ensure Wallasey mole trapping and control on your property!