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Professional Wallasey Honey Bee Nest Removal

Dealing with honey bees swarming and nesting near your house

Honey Bee HiveDid you see a large swarm of honey bees near your house? Did you find a giant nest of honey bees hanging somewhere in your home? The trained and experienced honey bee control professionals from Young's Pest Control are only a call away. We can cover all sorts of honey bee problems – honey bee swarm removal, honey bee hive removal, and Wallasey honey bee nest removal. So do not take matters into your hands; give us a call, and our professionals will visit you in a matter of minutes and provide you with professional services.

What is a honey bee swarm, and why is it near my house?

Honey bees living inside a hive take off in search of a new nesting place when the space in the old pack runs out and start swarming. They can pack anywhere – on the car, on the window, on top of a post box and so on. Honey bee swarm removal is more accessible and takes only a few minutes.

What is a honey bee nest, and how to remove it?

During the swarming phase, the honey bees find a suitable location for their new hive. The new nesting site is usually inside a cavity, making nest removal much more difficult. Do not attempt to remove the pack yourself; the honey bees are highly protective and may attack you. Instead, our trained professionals can quickly and safely remove honey bee nests of all sizes.

I am not sure if these are honey bees. How do I identify them?

Honey bee on pink flowerIn the United Kingdom, two kinds of bees are often confused with honey bees – the bumblebees and the solitary bees. The bumblebees are more significant than the honey bees, while the solitary bees have a different colour than the honey bees. Instead of trying to identify the bees yourself, you can call our professionals to determine the bees and proceed with the Wallasey honey bee nest removal if necessary.

Do not panic. Just call Young's Pest Control

Seeing the honey bees swarm around your house is a reason for anybody to panic, as the bees cannot only sting and cause painful swelling but can also damage your property. If honey bees are swarming near your house or they have built a hive in your home, then you should consider calling for a reliable and professional honey bee control service. Young's Pest Control's Wallasey honey bee nest removal service is accurate of immense help.