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Professional Hoylake Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation occurs when the larvae of wood-boring beetles eat away at the insides of wooden items such as floorboards, cupboards and furniture. These infestations can be stopped or prevented by calling a pest control expert to treat any affected areas.

Suppose your commercial or residential property is infested. In that case, our woodworm removal professionals at Young’s Pest Control can help by coating Hoylake woodworm treatment spray on any infested timber, which will kill off this pest and prevent treatment for woodworm removal further down the line.

What is woodworm, and how does it affect timber?

Woodworm larvaeThe term “woodworm” refers to a type of infestation produced by beetle larvae, and there are several known species on UK shores. The most prolific of these is the Common Furniture beetle, which is one of four familiar types.

This species will infest all manner of wooden items, owing to its preference for both hard and softwoods, which means that it can affect a range of wooden household items and proliferate at fast rates.

When a beetle larva bores through a piece of wood, it creates hollow “galleries,” which weaken the wood and eventually render it useless. The larvae do this to take on water and nutrients that enable them to develop into adults.

How to recognise an infestation and eradicate it

All species have in common that they produce exit holes at some stage in their life cycle, which provides a big clue when inspecting affected timber. Once the adult beetles emerge, they will mate and lay eggs in other wooden items. Some, however, fly towards windows and die in this effort. Therefore, dead beetles in windowsills are one of the first and most accessible places to look when you are suspicious of an infestation.

An active case of woodworm will also provide clues in the form of frass, a collection of fine dust pushed out by adult beetles emerging from infested wood. Spotting this sign will indicate that the holes are fresh. You should call Young’s Pest Control to assess the situation and apply Hoylake woodworm treatment furniture products to the active infestation.

Preventing a safety concern with treatment for woodworm removal

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingA heavily infested piece of timber will be pretty much hollow and have no strength to it, which can be a problem when an affected wooden item is required to take a load, such as floorboards or support beams. The dangers presented by such an infestation mean it’s essential to call in an expert to inspect the severity of the woodworm infestation, what can be treated and salvaged, and what needs Hoylake woodworm treatment furniture products.

Young’s Pest Control provides an affordable inspection and treatment service that will determine an active or inactive infestation which will help apply the correct treatments to the relevant areas. Young’s Pest Control is available to eradicate and prevent woodworm eating away at your home with Hoylake woodworm treatment spray for fast and reliable service.