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Professional Hoylake Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee swarm in treeThe honey bee is found in UK gardens during spring and summer. If you’re experiencing a honey bee control issue concerning this stinging insect, don’t hesitate to contact us at Young’s Pest Control for Hoylake honey bee nest removal and honey bee hive removal services.

How a honey bee colony survives through the winter

The onset of winter will force honey bees to retreat into their nests for warmth, but this doesn’t spell the end of a colony, unlike other bee species; both queens and female workers can survive through the winter by huddling up to conserve heat; the colder the winter, the closer the huddle.

Do you have a honey bee control problem?

To spot an infestation, you first need to know what a honey bee looks like; as with most insects, the honey bee has an abdomen, a thorax and ahead. The core has alternating stripes of orange and black, and the overall body is hairy, giving the honey bee a fuzzy appearance.

The honey bee will colonize anywhere that provides shelter, warmth, and space, such as wall cavities, garages, and caves. Worker honey bees will regularly enter and exit a hive in a colony, collecting and bringing back pollen and nectar. These workers prefer to find food sources near the nest, so if you have an infestation on your property, there will likely be more honey bees than usual in your garden.

What are the risks concerning honey bee hives?

Honey Bee HiveThe main risk, and why people call Young’s Pest Control, is of being stung. In a matter of seconds, thousands of honey bees can empty of their hive and attack an intruder, causing significant damage. Whether you intend to disturb a nest or not, honey bees don’t discriminate; they will attack anything that comes close to their nest. Therefore, it’s essential to call Young’s Pest Control for a thorough Hoylake honey bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal.

Taking the safe pest control option

Honey bees are fascinating insects, but their aggressiveness and tendency to nest in inconvenient locations mean that they are sometimes considered a pest. If you encounter a honey bee nest on your property, take the safe option and call Young’s Pest Control for a professional Hoylake honey bee nest removal or honey bee swarm removal.