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Professional Hoylake Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel is not a species that is native to the United Kingdom. It is an invasive breed that first arrived from North America in the 1800s. They have decimated the native red squirrel population and caused widespread damage to flora and fauna. The damage created by grey squirrels, however, extends beyond just the natural environment. As well as carrying disease, they are capable of causing damage to everything from power cables to roof beams. Identifying and understanding the damage they cause is central to the Hoylake grey squirrel control work undertaken by Young's Pest Control.

Grey or Red
Grey squirrel close upThere are few red squirrels left in the United Kingdom, so if you suspect that squirrels are doing the damage, it is most likely to be grey squirrels. However, if you are unsure, you can identify a grey squirrel by its:
• Grey bushy tail
• Grey body with a small amount of russet / red colouring
• White underbelly
• larger size between 23 to 30 centimetres
Grey squirrels also have incredibly sharp teeth, and if you think you have a Hoylake grey squirrel control problem, you should seek professional squirrel pest control.

Potential damage
In terms of your home, the squirrels' teeth are responsible for the majority of the damage they cause. A squirrel's teeth do not stop growing, so they can gnaw through a range of materials at an alarming rate. Damage to your home can include:

• chewed through electrical cables - increasing fire and electrocution risks
• damage to belongings stored in loft or roof spaces
• gnawed roof joists - potentially affecting the stability
• damaged fascia boards - increasing the risk of damp and water damage
• destroyed loft insulation - increased heating bills
Dealing with any of these problems is costly and potentially life-threatening, so make sure to minimise the risks with cost-efficient professional services. For example, Hoylake grey squirrel control experts such as Youngs can deal with squirrel removal quickly and efficiently.

Grey squirrel pestDo you have squirrels?
You are more likely to hear them than you are to see them. Scuttling and scratching noises coming from your loft space is a definite sign of squirrels settling in. Aside from the noise and evidence from damage, droppings are the thing to look for. Squirrel droppings tend to be about 7.5 mm in size and the shape of a raisin. At the first sign of any resemblance, you should contact a specialist who can solve your Hoylake grey squirrel control problems and provide advice on squirrel pest control and prevention for the future.