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Professional Heswall Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bees pose a perennial pest problem. During winter, a honey bee hive is 20 times the size of a bumblebee colony in peak season. Near your home or business premises, they can severely impact the day-to-day function of your property. Colonies can split into swarms, each building a new nest that then requires professional honey bee control.

How To Spot a Honey Bee Infestation

Honey bee on pink flowerHoney bees have several apparent differences from the common bumblebee:

  • They're usually smaller and slimmer, more closely resembling a wasp
  • They have clear stripes, where bumblebees have blocks of colour
  • Their colony is much larger, leading to higher numbers of intruding insects

An infestation will be evident either through a visible nest or through clouds of honey bees repeatedly intruding on the exact locations. Honey bees won't attack unless provoked, so if you spot an infestation, you should leave it alone. Instead, always seek professional Heswall honey bee nest removal.

The Need for Professional Honey Bee Nest Removal

Several key factors mean that honey bee swarm removal, or the removal of a nest itself, is best left to professional pest controllers.

  • Honey bees are a protected species.
  • Nests can be found in awkward places. They require special techniques to remove
  • They will sting if provoked and release a pheromone that can trigger the hive.

As well as on your grounds or garden, honey bees can be found in the interior of your property. This includes hard-to-reach to reach places like wall cavities or air vents, where honey bee control or Heswall honey bee nest removal requires specialist equipment.

Trusting The Experts

Honey Bee swarm in treeAt Young's Pest Control, we understand the environmental value of bees, as well as the importance of peace and tranquillity for your home or business. We have many years of pest control experience and tackle hives or nests in all kinds of locations, including:

  • Wall cavities, air vents, and roof soffits
  • Attics, lofts, and other roof spaces
  • Trees or garden features such as bird boxes

We'll be able to advise you on the best control method for your property. Our friendly, local team will ensure your pest problem is dealt with safely and effectively, from re-housing and relocation to Heswall honey bee nest removal or simply honey bee swarm removal.