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Heswall Grey Squirrel Control

Young's Pest Control can professionally assess and remove grey squirrels legally and humanely and advise on a range of actions to prevent their return.

Grey squirrel control has become a major concern for owners and occupiers of buildings as numbers increase and the species spread from the countryside and parks to domestic and commercial properties. Introduced in the 19th century to the UK, the grey squirrel has progressively spread north, displacing the UK's native red squirrel.

Heswall grey squirrel control is now often necessary and a professional approach is needed to deal with the problem.

The grey squirrel can:

Grey squirrel close up- gain access to roof and loft space in homes, offices and outbuildings causing costly damage;
- their nests (or dreys) can be extensive and they often favour insulation materials for building;
- as rodents, they need to constantly wear down their teeth which grow continually, and this makes gnawing of the woodwork a serious problem, along with damage to electrical and TV cables and occasionally pipework resulting in expensive repairs;
- squirrels have also been known to drown in water tanks after gaining access to roof space;
- squirrel removal is also often necessary due to the excessive noise they can create in roof spaces, similar to a rat infestation.

Prolific breeders, they can produce up to 12 'kittens' in two breeding seasons each year so Heswall grey squirrel control is important to prevent an escalating problem. They are highly adaptable and in addition to roof infestations, the grey squirrel can cause a number of other problems:

Grey squirrel pest- theft of bird food in gardens;
- digging up bulbs for food supplies and damage caused by 'burying' of winter food supplies;
- spread of fleas to domestic animals;
- destruction of trees caused by gnawing of bark which can lead to the death of the tree;
- aggressive behaviour including biting can also occur and squirrel removal would be recommended when young children are present.

Grey squirrels in the UK are carriers of the parapoxvirus which does not affect them but does spread to the native red squirrel and has hugely reduced the numbers of this less adaptable woodland species.

A professional approach is needed for Heswall grey squirrel control and Young's Pest Control can provide an affordable, professional and local service to deal with grey squirrel infestations whilst also advising on methods to prevent further damage to property in the future.