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Get To Know More about Birkenhead Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm is the larva of beetles that feed on wood. The life cycle of these beetles is quite unique since their larval stage takes quite a long time. Astonishingly, every species of beetle is known to have a passion for particular types of timber. They strictly lay their eggs on the types of wood that their offspring loves most. Below are the common types of woodworm that are common in the UK.Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting

•The Common Furniture beetle
•Deathwatch Beetle
•The House Longhorn Beetle
•Powderpost Beetle

The Common Furniture Beetle

This is the most widespread species of woodworm in the UK. Most Birkenhead woodworm treatment furniture services are always carried against this widespread species. Apart from attacking pieces of furniture, the common furniture beetle can also attack floorboards and wooden structural supports. They can easily destroy both pieces of furniture and home struts made of wood since they can attack both softwoods and hardwoods.

It is the duty of the female beetle to locate the best wood for laying her eggs. Once the eggs have hatched, the larva enters the wood through holes that they dig right from the surface of the timber. This is always the preliminary stage of woodworm infestation. Once inside, the worms start feeding on the wood causing great damage. This can continue for several years if the property owner is oblivious of what is going on. As the larva matures, they move closer to the wood surface to pupate then fly away as adult beetles. However, Birkenhead woodworm treatment spray can help control these pests if it is administered early enough.

Detecting Woodworm Infestation

There are numerous signs of woodworm incidence in the home. First, check your fixtures or timber for fresh exit holes. The holes are always oval though size may differ depending on the type of the woodwork. Additional signs may include:Woodworm larvae

•Frass (the dust that comes off as a result of emerging beetles)
•Damaged timber or floorboards
•Spotting woodworm larvae (creamy white in colour)
•Dead beetles around an infested timber
•Adult beetles emerging from the wood

Woodworm Control

Only pest control experts are familiar with the best treatment for woodworm removal since almost every species require a different treatment approach. You have to identify the species that is causing you problems before making any further step. Furthermore, not every Birkenhead woodworm treatment spray can eradicate all the destructive woodworm species found in the UK.

Only experienced contractors can handle even the most widespread infestation and come up with a good result. Some people have even ended up treating an infestation that does not exist which can be a total waste of money and time. This can be avoided if you engage professionals since experts can use the signs left behind by woodworm to determine which type is causing you problems.

Contact Young’s Pest Control for an elite Birkenhead woodworm removal treatment. These pests can greatly facilitate structural failure of timber which is not good for your home and fittings. Let us help you lengthen the life of your precious fixtures through efficient Birkenhead woodworm treatment furniture solutions.