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Professional Birkenhead Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bee on pink flowerThe honey bee is found throughout the world, and there are several recognized species of this stinging insect. As the name suggests, they are known for storing large quantities of honey in their nests, which provides workers and queens with a food supply through the winter months.

The fact that the workers survive the winter, unlike other bee species, means that colonies can build-and-build over consecutive summers until they contain many thousands of honey bees.

Honey bees defending a nest

To defend their nests, these workers will jump into action at the sign of a threat. A wave of insecticide signals, produced by the workers, will coordinate an attack, and a perceived intruder may suffer multiple stings.

This is what makes Birkenhead honey bee nest removal so dangerous, and it’s why people call us at Young’s Pest Control. Our professionals know the dangers and how to protect themselves against stings when carrying out honey bee control. If you require a swift and safe Birkenhead honey bee hive removal, you can rely on us.

A colony of honey bees

Honey Bee HiveHoney bees are social insects and, as such, individual bees within a colony will communicate with each other towards the goals of building, protecting and reproducing.

The three main types of bees produced are female workers, male drones and queens. The workers account for most of the population of a colony and are responsible for foraging, tending to larvae and protecting the nest.

The way honey bee colonies establish themselves is by “swarming” to a new location. These swarms are break-away collections of worker bees and queens. If you see these in your garden, don’t be alarmed because they are not aggressive.

Calling on our honey bee control service

As swarms are relatively simple to catch, a call to Young’s Pest Control will have one dealt with in no time with honey bee swarm removal. However, there is the possibility that a swarm could colonize man-made structures. When this happens, it is usually more difficult to solve the situation, as they can nest in inaccessible places such as holes in property walls.

If you're looking for a honey bee swarm removal, Birkenhead honey bee nest removal or are just worried about the greater numbers of honey bees around your property, you can call Young’s Pest Control for an affordable Birkenhead honey bee nest removal service.