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Young's Pest Control for Birkenhead Grey Squirrel Control

Squirrel Pest Control and Removal

Birkenhead grey squirrel control can be extremely difficult to handle in the UK, and pest animals can cause a great deal of damage to your home and property. Over the past few years, the population of grey squirrels in the UK has significantly increased, which has forced many of these animals further into our urban centres in order to find a space to live and raise their young. It is not uncommon to find squirrels burrowed into the gables of a roof, or see a squirrel nest cradled in the branches of the tree in your yard. Although squirrels are cute and boisterous on the outside, they can be a terror when they are inside your house, and attempting squirrel removal on your own can be extremely difficult to accomplish.

Common Symptoms of Squirrel Damage

  • Grey squirrel close upRoofing Damage: Shingles, fascia boards and soffits are commonly damaged when squirrels are present. They can cause leaks and aesthetic damage as they try to find entry points to your home, and can run up high costs for roofing repairs.
  • Insulation and Attic Space Damage: Once a squirrel gets inside, they can cause extensive damage to interiors spaces. They will rip up insulation and other materials to build nests, and they will leave droppings and urine indiscriminately throughout the spaces they occupy.
  • Wire Damage: For whatever reason, squirrels love to chew and scratch through integral elements of our homes and belongings. They have a tendency to chew through wires which can be a major fire risk and can cause a variety of electrical issues.
  • Garden Damage: Squirrels can be a real pest in gardens and back yards as well. They are notorious for raiding and destroying bird feeders, and can frequently ruin parts of a garden as they hide or collect food.

Effective Birkenhead Grey Squirrel Control
Grey squirrel on benchYoung's Pest Control has been providing outstanding service in the UK with effective and affordable Birkenhead grey squirrel control, as well as offering proactive pest-proofing measures to protect your property against the animal. Young's Pest Control is professionally equipped for Birkenhead grey squirrel control and squirrel removal and any other variety of squirrel-related pest problems. Stop the squirrels before the damage is done, and save your home from the headache of a squirrel infestation. Young's Pest Control is more than happy to provide expert professional advice on any squirrel and other pest-related issues.