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Professional Birkenhead Flea Treatment Options

In this article, you’ll find information on the flea as well as who you can call to help eradicate any flea infestations because it helps to know more about this insect before deciding on which Birkenhead flea treatment to use and who to call. For example, you’ll find facts detailing the life cycle of the flea and how one treatment is not enough to disrupt it.

Ultimately, you’ll want to call around a professional who can apply the most effective treatment: flea fumigation. At Young’s Pest Control, in providing you with a quality Birkenhead flea treatment service, we will asses your property first to determine the extent of any flea infestation before moving forward with a Birkenhead flea treatment plan, which is a patient and considered approach necessary in combating this insect.

Description of a flea

FleaThe flea is classed as an insect and therefore has six legs, two of which are powerful enough to thrust the flea 7 inches into the air and 13 inches sideways. Considering their average size (2.5mm), this is quite the distance.

Every feature of a flea’s body serves the purpose of allowing it to easily cling on to and navigate a host’s body; they are flat, which aids movement between hairs, and their body is covered in spines to prevent them being shaken off.

Research on how fleas can jump so far

The recent understanding is that the way fleas jump so far relative to their size is by releasing energy built-up in a protein called resilin, rather than through a muscular process. This energy is what powers the spring-like action of the flea’s long hind legs when it jumps from host to host.

How a flea leaves its markCat and dog fleas

• Bite marks on your skin that appear as red dots surrounded by a lighter inflammation.
• Pets that scratch constantly, the result of which is red rashes.
• Flea debris (faeces, dried blood, pupa, etc.) on your pets and anywhere they rest or sleep.
• Fleas jumping on to your skin or crawling on the surface of your pet’s skin, underneath the fur.

Breaking the cycle with flea control

Surprisingly, adult fleas only account for around 5% of the population responsible in an infestation, which is due to the complex nature of their life cycle and how important the other stages of it play in their development.

This fact goes some way to explaining why Birkenhead flea treatment and removal is so difficult because, for all the adult fleas you see, there are countless more larva, pupa and eggs hidden in crevices and carpets developing into the next generation of a flea infestation.

Therefore, together with treating the target host (cat, dog, etc), an effective plan of action is to use our flea fumigation service in combination with this, which targets not only adult fleas but pupa, larvae and eggs as well. The effectiveness of this Birkenhead flea treatment service means this will be a one-time job.