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Professional Birkenhead Cockroach Control: Things to Keep in Mind

German CockroachThere are over 3000 cockroach species in the world. However, the two main species you can find in the UK are the Oriental/Common cockroach and the German cockroach. Oriental cockroaches are more common hence the name common cockroaches.

About Cockroaches
Cockroaches can be referred to as omnivores because they feed on anything. They are also nocturnal and usually come out to feed at night. Cockroaches are known to carry diseases such as cholera, dysentery and salmonella. This is why you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

It does not matter whether there are German or Oriental cockroaches in your home, you should contact a Birkenhead cockroach control professional as soon as you see one. Cockroach pest control professionals are experienced and will able to identify which type of cockroach has invaded your home

At between 25 to 30 mm Oriental/Common cockroaches are larger than German cockroaches which are usually between 12 and 15 mm in length. While German cockroaches are brown in colour, Common cockroaches are normally black or dark brown.

Where to Find Cockroaches
Common cockroaches like to hide in places that are warm. Accordingly, you can find them in laundry rooms, kitchens and manufacturing plants. On the other hand, Oriental cockroaches prefer cooler places like sewers, underground ducts and rubbish bins.

How to Tell there are Cockroaches in your Home

  • Dead cockroachesThe presence of live cockroaches is a sign that you have a problem. Cockroaches hide during the day and only come out at night so it may be hard to know you have a cockroach problem. If you happen to see a cockroach scuttling away on your kitchen counter during the day, it is a sign that you are already dealing with an infestation.
  • Another sign is the brown marks on your surfaces and floors. These are cockroach faeces.
  • Last is an unpleasant musty or oily smell.

If you see any of these signs, you should consult Birkenhead cockroach control experts like Young’s pest control. After carrying out an inspection of your home, the experts give their recommendations on what you should do including the cockroach treatment you should use.

Why you should Hire Cockroach Control Experts
Experts like Young’s pest control are experienced and know which cockroach treatment will work best. They offer their services 24 hours a day. Contact them today via phone or email to discuss your Birkenhead cockroach control options.