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Experts in Birkenhead Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are basically parasitic insects as they feed on blood from their hosts. The host could be a human being or an animal. Though there are several species in existence, the common bed bug is the one mostly found in the UK. It may occasionally feed on animal blood, but in most cases, it looks for human blood.

How to identify bed bugs

bedbugBed bugs have six legs, a stubby head and are wingless. They are brown in colour and oval-shaped. Even though they are flat, they will swell and become reddish after feeding. They also move incredibly fast despite their small size and thus Birkenhead bed bug treatment by is close to impossible if done by inexperienced persons.

In order for any bed bug control to be effective, it needs to be done by Birkenhead bed bug treatment experts. These are professionals with the knowledge and equipment needed to eliminate pests. Because of the resilient nature of the pests, most DIY bed bug treatment methods usually fail. More permanent solutions such as bed bug fumigation should, therefore, be sought for. If wondering where to get the service from, then you don’t need to look far as Young’s Pest Control is readily available to permanently solve the bed bug infestation problem in your home.

Bed bug reproduction

Female bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs in their lifespan. Their eggs are however extremely tiny and difficult to spot with the naked eye. They reproduce through the traumatic insemination method. This is whereby sperm insemination doesn’t take place through the female’s reproductive tract but rather by the male piercing the female’s abdomen using its genitalia. Fertilisation then takes place followed by egg production.

Birkenhead bed bug treatment has to be carried out if the infestation is to be stopped. You can, therefore, call Young's Pest control for their bed bug removal services.

Places where bed bugs are commonly found

Bed BugBed bugs can go for months without feeding. They are therefore hard to spot as they only need to come out of hiding when they have to feed, which is mostly at night as they are nocturnal. Common bed bug hiding spots include under the mattress, sofa set linings, carpets, cracks on the wall and other household furniture. You can also know if your home has been infested with bedbugs when you spot dark spots where they excrete and bloodstains whereby they might have been crushed. It is advisable that you seek professional Birkenhead bed bug treatment services as soon as possible after noticing these signs. Young’s professionals will gladly help you out in this.