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Ant nest removal price

Birkenhead Ant Infestation Removal

Black antThere are 11,000 classified species of ants and over 20,000 species in total. Ants live on all continents, from Asia to Europe. Each species differs, for example, some ant species bite, and some don’t. When ants invade your home they cause a number of hazards. Firstly, they can contaminate work surfaces. If they contaminate surfaces where you prepare food, this is very unhygienic. Ants can also bite and spread pathogens.

If you want to remove ants from your home, it is best to call a company that specialises in Birkenhead ant infestation removal, like Young’s Pest Control. As mentioned, there are thousands of ant species in the world, but as ants prefer warmer climates, there are only several species that live in the UK.

Three Common Types of Ants in the UK

- Common Black Garden Ant: The common black garden ant, is a very common ant species in the UK. These ants, which normally live in colonies of 15,000 or more, are generally found nesting in gardens, under mounds of soil, under pavement, and on the edges of gardens. They frequently enter homes looking for food.

- Pharaoh Ants: The Pharaoh Ant is a common ant in the UK. This type of ant is small and usually a light brown or yellow shade, that is almost transparent. They live in colonies of between 35 and 300,000 individuals.

- Yellow Meadow Ant: The Yellow Meadow Ant is a popular type of ant in the UK. As its name suggests, the Yellow Meadow ant is an orangey-yellow colour. They are very efficient at building nests and are often found nesting in mounds of soil.

Dealing with an Ant Infestation in House

AntsTrying to treat an ant infestation yourself is not a good idea. Many people use DIY ant infestation removal treatments to try to remove ants from the home, but they are usually unsuccessful. Using an ant control treatment to try to deal with an ant infestation or flying ant infestation will only waste your time and your money. A professional Birkenhead ant infestation removal company like Young’s Pest Control will be able to assist you.

How Young’s Pest Control can Remove an Ant Infestation in House

Based in the UK, Young’s Pest Control is helping people in the UK with their pest problems. Our skilled team can treat an ant infestation and a flying ant infestation in your home. The company also treats other pests, like wasps and bedbugs.