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Professional Bebington Honey Bee Nest Removal

There are 20,000 species of bee, only 7 of which are honey bees. We've cultivated honey bees for around 5000 years, and, more recently, they've become a protected species. It can be challenging to distinguish between a regular bumblebee, which isn't covered, and a honey bee. If you spot signs of an infestation, you should contact an expert at Young's Pest Control for advice on safe, professional Bebington honey bee nest removal.

Honey or Bumble? How To Spot The Difference

Honey bee on pink flowerThe first thing you'll want to be sure of is whether you need bumble or honey bee control. There are several distinct differences between the two bees:

  • Build: Honey bees are slender and wasp-like, while bumblebees are round and hairy
  • Size: Honey bees have a uniform, medium, slender build, while bumblebees vary in size
  • Colour: Honey bees have stripes, while bumblebees usually have blocks of colour

The most apparent difference between the two species of bees is the size of their 'colony'. Bumblebees number only 400 per nest, while honey bees can number up to 80,000 per hive. This makes honey bee hive removal and Bebington honey bee nest removal far more demanding and specialized.

Can I Remove a Protected Species?

Yes. Remember that your home or office space is not a conservation area and that both you and the bees will be better served through professional honey bee control. The honey bees can be re-homed or relocated by a beekeeper. Sometimes this may mean only honey bee swarm removal rather than removal of the whole hive.

Honey Bee HiveThere are many valid reasons for considering professional Bebington honey bee nest removal, including:

  • An invasive and intimidating presence
  • Proximity to the vulnerable, such as children, animals or those with an allergy
  • The risk of the swarm dividing itself into multiple hives or nests
  • Restricted access to vital areas of your property or grounds

Turning To The Experts

Bebington honey bee nest removal is a professional job that requires specialist equipment and techniques. Honey bees will not only nest in your grounds but can be found in hard-to-reach areas of your interior, like wall cavities, attics, and air vents. To prevent a recurring problem, treat the bees humanely, and remove the infestation with minimal intrusion to your property, you should always contact the experts.