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Bebington Grey Squirrel Control

Squirrels Watch Out - Young's Pest Control is Now In Charge!

Q: Why are there so many squirrels?
A: The grey squirrel population is rapidly growing for several reasons:

  • People view squirrels as cute and feed them
  • Squirrels become tame and find a new food source
  • Tame squirrels see your property as a food source (not just the food left out for them by unknowing humans)

Sciurus carolinensis is the name for the common grey squirrel. They are classified as a rodent and known as a pest because of the damage they can cause and the havoc they can wreak in your home and yard. Bebington grey squirrel control is not uncommon worldwide, and squirrel removal is easy with Young's Pest Control.

Q: But they're small and mild-mannered. How can that be bad?
A: Grey squirrels that get into your attic or along your roofline have been known to damage so much that significant roof repair was necessary. Furthermore, as a member of the rodent family, they have sharp teeth which don't stop growing. Bebington grey squirrel control can get this problem under control before they ruin your property or home.

Grey squirrel pestQ: How do they keep their teeth filed down?
A: Grey squirrels are great chewers. The material does not seem to be as important as the act itself, and the busy creatures can go through many materials in a relatively small amount of time just keeping their teeth in shape. If this describes your property, you need Bebington grey squirrel control ASAP!

Q: What kinds of things do they chew?
A: For food, they will eat pretty much whatever a human leaves out for them or other animals. If desperate, they may steal chicken eggs or even poach live baby chicks, though usually, they like nuts, seeds, parts of pine cones, human food, bird food (left for birds or in your garage still in the bag), and tree sap.

Q: How do they eat tree sap?
A: To get to tree sap, they have to chew off the bark of trees, which can even kill the trees because, of course, squirrels do not come with syrup taps and damage only one small place in a tree. A tree with too much bark removed will die.

Q: You mentioned damage to homes - what would that look like?
A: Chewed cords, cables, wiring, automotive, house siding, certain building materials like wood, electrical fires, automotive malfunctions. You might be unlucky enough to find one of their forgotten, mouldy food stores or maybe even come across a drey - that is the name for their nests.

Grey squirrel close upQ: What do their noises mean?
A: They can mean that squirrels are talking to each other because squirrels are vocal creatures. It could also mean that an enemy squirrel is in the area, and you might hear what sounds like a squirrel giving another squirrel a scolding. Sometimes they make chirps, chittering sounds, and whistles. Some sounds are a squirrel preparing to fight its enemy on its 'home ground' or where you live. Don't get in the way if you see this! Unfortunately, Bebington grey squirrel control is impossible for most homeowners and should only be done by a trained professional from Young's Pest Control.

Young's Pest Control can deal with your squirrel removal problem. It's part of our job so. Please ring us up.