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The Importance of Oldham Cockroach Control to Eradicate this Pest

Cockroaches are a nocturnal insect that will generally hide away during daylight hours and come out to feed at night. Most properties have what these pests need in terms of food and shelter, and it is important for Oldham cockroach control to be implemented quickly if these insects find a way into a property. This is because of the health risks that cockroach infestations can cause and Young’s Pest Control has experienced Oldham cockroach control experts that can rid this harmful pest from a building.

Cockroach Lifecycle

German CockroachThere are three separate stages to the life of a cockroach and this starts with the eggs laid by the adult insects. The young that hatch from these are called nymphs and they take a number of months to mature, with the actual time required depending on the species. Nymphs will shed their skins a few times as they grow and at the end of their development will become adult cockroaches. The adults can live for many months and again this will depend on the species. Some of those that cockroach treatment will be needed for in UK homes are German, American, and Oriental cockroaches.

Signs of an Infestation

Because of their nocturnal nature, cockroaches are unlikely to be seen during the day. Spotting the insect itself will generally happen when walking into a darkened room at night and switching on a light. This will most likely occur in a bathroom or kitchen as these tend to have the conditions that cockroaches prefer. You do not need to see the insect to know that Oldham cockroach control is needed though. Things to look out for if you suspect these pests are in your property include shed nymph skins, dirty smear marks on countertops or anywhere near food, and an unpleasant odour that can linger if an infestation takes hold.

Oldham Cockroach Control

Cockroach closeupThe contamination of food by cockroaches is a health hazard and their droppings can also cause allergic reactions in some adults and children. Bringing in professional cockroach treatment quickly is therefore imperative to avoid these problems. Young’s Pest Control operatives can identify the species involved, locate the places they are sheltering in a home, put down Oldham cockroach control measures to deal with the pest, and follow up to make sure that a treatment has been completely successful. If this is a service you need then please get in touch by phone or email to arrange our assistance.