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The importance of Professional Leigh Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are difficult insects to eliminate. In fact, it is commonly believed that they are the only creatures that would be able to survive a nuclear catastrophe. Putting that aside as its hard to prove the theory, such tales just highlight the resilience of these insects. Their resistance to harmful radiation is, however, a dozen times more than that of humans.

These pests will eat almost anything along their path, from food crumbs to book pages. They are therefore highly destructive if not controlled. Leigh cockroach control in any infested place is therefore not only wanting but also necessary. Young’s Pest Control is one of the best cockroach pest control companies in the UK and will rid you of this pests in no time, and at affordable rates.

Description and habitat

German CockroachCockroaches are brown coloured insects that are found in almost every part of the planet where food is readily available. They typically prefer a warm environment such as that found in buildings habited by humans: homes, restaurants, factories and the likes. Such places, therefore, need cockroach treatment in order to bring their numbers down to a manageable level. They are however tough to kill and are extremely fast breeders.

These pests are highly nocturnal and thus why they are more difficult to kill. Even though they are winged, they spend most of their time on firm surfaces and are generally large in comparison to other insects.

There are about 4500 species of cockroaches worldwide. However, only thirty of these are readily found in human habitats. Those found in homes and other buildings are the ones most targeted by Leigh cockroach control companies like Young’s Pest Control.


Dead cockroachesCockroaches are fast breeders and spread very quickly. The female cockroach usually has a capsule on the tip of her abdomen that she uses to carry her eggs. She stashes this capsule in various places or items and leaves them to hatch later. Up to sixty cockroaches can emerge from these capsules. They then go on to become adults in around three to four months. If the egg carrying capsules are not removed, then there is a guaranteed spread and survival of the pests. No home or place of work is therefore safe from them.

Effective Leigh cockroach control can only be carried out by experts trained to do so, such as Young’s Pest Control. The company specialise in Leigh cockroach control in affected homes and other places that have been infested with pests.