bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Cheadle BumbleBee Control Services

Young's pest control guarantees that we can completely remove your bumblebee infestation. Young pest control offers a fixed fee Cheadle bumblebee control service for homes and commercial properties. If the nest is not entirely removed during the first treatment then you won't need to pay for a second treatment.

How To Identify A Tree BumbleBee Colony

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

For many people, the comment UK bumble bee is a welcome sight in the garden. But in recent years Tree bumblebees have become a more dominant feature to UK homes. Tree bumblebees are a relatively recent arrival from Europe. These hardy tree bumblebees have spread quickly throughout England and Wales colonizing many UK gardens in the process.

The Tree bumblebee can pose a serious issue of homeowners because bird boxes are one of its favoured habitats for setting up the nest. The boxes are usually located close to the home. The tree bumblebee will also react aggressively when the nest is rocked or knocked. Even if humans do not attempt to disturb the nest on purpose, they can accidentally cause vibrations which lead the tree bumble bees to swarm and sting. Even opening and closing a door is enough to disturb the hive.

Tree bumblebees will sting if they believe the nest is threatened. The sting from the tree bumblebee is painful and poses a danger to people who may suffer from an allergy to bumblebee venom. The easiest way to identify whether you have a tree bumblebee colony in your garden is by their white tails. The thorax of the body will vary from a lighter brown through to reddish colouration. The tree bumblebee drones also tend to be slightly wider than the common UK honeybee.

The Best Way To Remove A BumbleBee Hive

Bumble BeeThe best way to deal with a bumble bee colony is to call a Cheadle bumble bee control service. A bumble bee removal service can find the hive if you are unsure of its location and ensure that it is completely removed. Once the bumblebee hive has been treated by the Cheadle bumblebee control service, the hive will not be inhabited again in the future. Each hive is only built for one season, so once removed, your bumblebee problem will be over.

When you use Young pest control we remove the nest while you are not at home. Our Cheadle bumblebee control professionals are efficient, friendly and experienced. Call today to find the best options for quickly eliminating the bumblebee nest from your property.