bumblebee control
bumblebee control

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Ashton-in-Makerfield BumbleBee Control Specialists

Young's pest control are specialists in providing Ashton-in-Makerfield bumble bee control services. The tree bumblebee has become widespread across the United Kingdom. Due to its hardy nature of the tree bumblebee is increasing numbers and competing for resources against local insects. To have the bumblebee nest safely removed from your property you should use the services of an Ashton-in-Makerfield bumble bee removal specialist.

Tree Bumble BeeIdentifying The Tree Bumblebee

The tree bumblebee (Bombus Hypnorum) is a species is most commonly found in Asia and the European continent. More recently, tree bumblebees have spread through to the United Kingdom. You can identify the tree bumblebee by its rounded head and its ginger thorax. The abdomen of tree bumblebees are black and the tail is white. The worker bumble bee is are usually smaller, with the drones being significantly larger and the Queen bumble bee varying in size. The tree bumblebee has a relatively short breeding cycle. The Queen will emerge usually around March and the first breeding cycle would take place between mid-May and early July. If the summer is warmer, then sometimes a smaller second generation of workers will be produced towards late summer.

Why Tree BumbleBees Need To Be Approached With Caution

Bumble BeeBumblebees can be a nuisance because they prefer to live near humans. The bumblebee likes to build its nest higher above ground and will often take over the hollow trees and bird boxes. The bumblebee nest is also quite large and can easily house more than 150 workers. The bumblebee will visit a wide selection of flowering plants as it gathers pollen for the nest. In general bumblebees are more of a nuisance than a threat. But if the bumblebee nest is disturbed then the bumblebee will proactively attack and sting the intruder. This makes them dangerous for children and animals that may be playing in the area. It is also why homeowners should never attempt to remove the bumblebee nests by themselves. Instead, they should hire a professional Ashton-in-Makerfield bumble bee control service to identify and remove the nest. The bumblebee nest removal service has the protective gear and experience to safely remove the bumblebee nest without causing injury. Bumblebee venom is both painful and can cause an anaphylactic reaction and people who are allergic to it.

The tree bumblebee nest should not be approached or disturbed. Instead, contact Young's pest control to have a professional come to your property and assess your bubble bee issue. They will be able to identify the most effective way of removing the bumblebee colony from your property. All Ashton-in-Makerfield bumble bee removals by Young's pest control are guaranteed. You can be sure that when your bumble bee colony is removed that it will stay that way.