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Abram Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

One of the United Kingdom's most common pests, wasps are known for their distinctive black and yellow striped appearance, their high levels of aggression and their ability to sting multiple times, which makes them annoying and potentially dangerous to humans.

Wasps are especially noticeable in the spring and summer months and this is the time period where an Abram wasp nest removal is most likely to be necessary. In those instances, it is vital to seek out a professional Abram wasp nest removal treatment, rather than putting yourself at risk with DIY wasp removal attempts.

Wasp Nests

wasp-nest-removal-300x199For wasps, the nest-building process usually begins in the spring, when a single queen sets off to find a suitable place to build. Different species of wasps have different nesting habits, but generally, wasp nests are constructed from paper pulp or wood pulp and have a paper-like appearance.

Once the nesting site is in place, the size of the nest is gradually increased, allowing for more insects to be accommodated. Many species of wasps, including the hornet, are extremely social creatures and their nests can reach a significant size, sometimes accommodating as many as 10,000 insects.

An individual wasp or hornet can be a nuisance, but the real problem arises when nests are built on or near the property, meaning that potentially thousands of the insects are living there. Unfortunately, common places for wasps to build their nests include:

  • Trees
  • Garden Sheds
  • Wall cavities
  • Lofts and other roof spaces

Wasp Control and Wasp Removal

Idenwasp removaltifying wasp nests can be troublesome, in part because they tend to be hidden in difficult-to-find places. Due to the sheer size of some nests, seeking them out can be hazardous and caution should be exercised.

If you notice a dramatic increase in the number of wasps around your home or business or are able to locate a nest, DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself. Even the least aggressive species of wasps are extremely defensive of their nests and will sting multiple times to protect them, putting you at extreme risk of harm.

Instead, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with our professional wasp control methods. We are experienced and able to offer a proven, effective Abram wasp nest removal treatment, ensuring the pests are removed from your property, without the need to put yourself in ha rm's way.